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“This Time We Here to Stay, Ain’t Got No Time to Play” -Juelz Santana

 It’s been a long time…we shouldn’t have left you…without some dope shit to vibe to.  Word to Timbaland…and Rakim.  Man…it’s been a loooong ass time since we’ve publicly logged a piece of our mind.  What have your girls been up … Continue reading

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“Make Your Next Move Your Best Move” -T.I.

Our God is a God who has given us the wonderful option of choice.  The choices you make daily determine the outcome of your life.  You need to recognize the power you posses in choice alone.  In the 66 books … Continue reading

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Grinding, You Betta Stay in Line When You See a N*gga Like Me Shining” -The Clipse

  Top Reasons Why You Ain’t on Your Grind: Relationships Sex Twitter Facebook Friends Alright now that we’ve successfully pissed you off, let us tell you where we’re coming from with this one.  Relationships are a waste of time.  Seriously, … Continue reading

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“Only Make Moves if Your Heart’s in It.” -Notorious B.I.G.

#textmessages He didn’t do it.  He said they talked and it went well. –Kizzy That’s a band-aid, and they’ll break up later.-Scoot Exactly, it’ll be fine for a little while, then it’ll go right back to where it was before. … Continue reading

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“A Thug Changes & Love Changes & Best Friends Become Strangers.” -Loso

#textmessages @50cent: Never over trust friends they will betray you if they envy you.they also become spoiled and tyrannical. +kizzynote: shut up 50, you don’t have any real friends because you’re an asshole. i just thought this was interesting since we … Continue reading

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Soldiers Speak:Why Do Adult Men Choose to Date Teenage Girls?

I have noticed a trend that has alarmed me and got me furious. This shocking pattern is Adult Men going after Teenage women. Coming from West Africa, my native land such things were acceptable there even though I never quite … Continue reading

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“Even If You in a Benz, You Still a N*gga in a Coupe.” -Kanye West

#textmessages: I just saw some breezy’s scrappin in the workplace! #shotsfired –Scoot Whhhhhhhaaaaatttt?!?! i wish i was there, i love foolitry! what happened? –Kizzy Lmao at foolitry spelled out lol!  Soooo much drama in the workplace.  –Scoot I am so … Continue reading

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“Anything I Ask for From My Sponsor He Go and Buy” -Teairra Mari

#textmessages I’ve made my way to so many bitches pages and it’s all the same thing. –Scoot Yeah I ‘ve been looking at it for weeks, I’ve been looking at it everyday from my phone. –Kizzy It kills me that … Continue reading

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Soldiers Speak: What’s Wrong with Dating Dark Skinned Women?

It seems that this world is filled with self hate as rappers are coming out saying that they don’t like dark skinned women.  I quote “beautiful black women, bet she looks better red” from a famed rapper. These stupid words … Continue reading

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Word Is: Facebook is Shutting Down March 15, 2011!!

Word is Facebook is shutting down after March 15, 2011.  On this date and thereafter Facebook users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts, albums and tagged photo.  Basically Facebook as a whole and whatever you have … Continue reading

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